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Hospital de Olhos de São Paulo HOSP ( São Paulo Eye Hospital ), is currently, among the main reference centers of ophthalmology in Brazil. With facilities specialized in surgeries and diagnoses, it also provides the treatment of pathologies related to the retina , and subspecialties such as cornea , glaucoma, ocular surface, strabismus, cataract, tumors , ocular plastic and lacrimal glands.

Founded 30 years ago by Prof. Dr.Jorge Mitre, president of Sociedade Brasileira de Retina e Vítreo (Brazilian Society of Retina and Vitreous) (2006/2007) , HOSP aims to constantly surpass its patients´ expectations and always achieve the best results, based on ethical , professional and humanitarian principles.With frequent investments in technology and staff updating , the institution is able to carry out high-complexity surgeries such as detached retina, strabismus, photodynamic therapy, intraocular anti-VEGF injections. In order to assure greater satisfaction of its patients , HOSP offers its own hospital facility, 24-hour service, and modern infrastructure.These factors significantly contribute to the hospitalization process and enable a greater amount of surgeries such as Corneal transplantation and brachytherapy – intraocular tumor treatment.

Thus , we attribute our 30 years of success to the respect we hold towards our patients, the quality of our services as well as the excellent work of our collaborators.

HOSP staff is its greatest distinct feature.We excel in our services in all levels from our clinical , administrative and reception staff to our renowned ophthalmologic team. We believe that satisfaction and comfort are directly linked to the treatment efficiency and recovery of our patients. That´s why our institution is strongly committed to joining and keeping a competent staff, devoted and highly qualified.Most of our doctors are certified as specialists by the CBO – Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia ( Brazilian Ophthalmology Council).

Prof. Dr. Jorge Mitre

Founder and current president of Hospital de Olhos de São Paulo -HOSP, Jorge Mitre is a Doctor in Ophthalmology graduated in Escola Pauliste de Medicina, and current president of Sociedade Brasileira de Retina e Vítreo (SBRV) (Brazilian Society of Retina and Vitreous).

A former member of renowned international institutions such as Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences and the department of Visual Sciences of the University of the Pacific, in San Francisco, California, and Eye Research Institute of Retina Foundation, in Boston, Massachusetts, both in the United States , he is a major professor , and professor in charge of the Retina -Vitreous Surgery Division of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Department of Ophthalmology.Regarded as an authority in his field, he works as a Major Professor in the Retina-Vitreous Surgery Division of the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Department of Ophthalmology.

Besides that , he is a member founder of the Sociedade de Ecografia em Oftalmologia (Ophthalmology Echography Society), major member of the Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia (Brazilian Ophthalmology Council ), American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.International lecturer , he is also the author of chapters of many books and articles published in Journals of Ophthalmology. Among his many awards, we can mentionI Prêmio Mediphacos – Synergetics de Oftalmologia and Prêmio Alcon de Retina e Vítreo.


HOSP aims to surpass our clients´expectatios on a daily basis , through knowledge, expertise and skills of our professionals, which assures best results , besides our solid ethical professional and humanitarian principles.


Our view is to promote life quality and well-being to the population contributing to knowledge, skills and infrastructure.



24-hour Emergency Room
At HOSP (Hospital de Olhos de São Paulo) we know the role of ocular health in people´s lives, that´s why we do our best to take care of our patients whenever necessary. Our 24-hour Emergency Room is a synonym of efficiency and comfort, once, at any time of day and night, you can count on our complete structure and specialized staff at your disposal.

Specialties: Ocular Tumors, Cornea, Myopia, Hypermetropy, Astigmatism, Retina-Vitreous, Cataract, Glaucoma, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Ocular Plastic.